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What is really "Asylum"?

How can it best be described? Insanity or alienation, a scream for help, perhaps?

  • The SWIFT Institute has published a new research paper analysing whether Bitcoin will crowd out fiat currencies in the global community.
  • Tehnologia Blockchain - Bitcoin by Nicolae Sfetcu Synopsis: A doua ediție Internetul a schimbat complet lumea, cultura şi obiceiurile oamenilor.
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  • Potrivit Infotagîntr-o declaraţie comună, ecologiştii atrag atenţia şi la "necesitatea separării instituţionale a domeniului protecţiei mediului de agricultură şi dezvoltare regională, prin refacerea Ministerului Mediului", transmite Știri.

Or, maybe all together. Best, it can be described as the result of the plan and action of modern civilization, that draws hideous shapes, personify horror, despondency, and alienation.

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Something that nobody realizes, nobody cares or we are too afraid to recognize. Bees - summer painting, analogy of the summer exhilaration This wisdom bitcoin a summer painting you can enjoy yourself within the cold winter evenings and transport yourself in the past August. In a hot, sweet, golden honey-like atmosphere, where you can feel the afternoon love, the nostalgia of the long past summer cries, the restlessness of wisdom bitcoin as the buzz of a hive.

Despre carte Bitcoin and Blockchain: Cryptocurrency, technology swallowed by avarice

This is an idea wrapped in a silk cocoon, the cerulean horizon, the representation of hope. Slowly, you wend your way through this summer painting, feel the weight of all the warmth, the cozy atmosphere, the affection.

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Blue sky, hot orange, yellow sun, and white silk - stripes of summer twist their way like ribbons, across the vertical canvas.

The motion is somewhere between waves and ravines, and each passing produces a sightly different optical illusion and temperature.

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Big Bang painting - the explosion of life! The Big Bang painting - a truly spectacular explosion: the explosion of life!

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This is a truly inspirational, modern painting that represents the cosmological term, the moment approximately It represents also the revitalization of the painting of the new century.

When you look at this Big Bang painting you can observe a cosmological model, the beginning of the observable universe and its large-scale evolution. You can follow the high-density singularity evolving into the complexity that it is today.

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Bitcoin revolution - crypto art blended with modern technology This painting is part of a real crypto art current - a journey that hides complicated ciphers that rewards you once you've deciphered it with a "wallet full" of virtual currency. It's a mirror to modern society, shaped by the surroundings and the influences. Ideas outside the mainstream of society, revolutionary ideas and ways to change the world, the depiction of virtual currency into a visual reality and the tumultuous ups and downs of the crypto environment.

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