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Pennsylvania State University Press. His urging all people to eschew the tyranny of custom and authority in order to uncover the knowledge that could be found in each one of our unsexed souls potentially offered women a great deal of intellectual and personal freedom and power.

Certainly Astell often read Descartes in this way, and Astell herself It does not extend to a wariness about social and institutional customs and authority including, perhaps most crucially, the institution of marriage as we see in valutazione iniziale bitcoin Reflection on Marriage.

According to Astell, while it is true that, as individuals, women must develop their rational capacities to the fullest in order to honor God and his plan for women as human, as members of social institutions, including the institution of marriage, women must subordinate themselves to men, including their husbands, in this case so as to honor God and his plan for women as women.

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Once we understand the theological underpinnings of her equivocal reaction to authority and custom, we can see that Astell may be considered a feminist in a very tempered way.

It is true that Astell encourages women to join single-sexed educational institutions for the unique and empowering friendships that women can develop in such institutions. Still, my argument continues, the development of such friendships is not entirely an end in itself.

Rather, Astell encourages women to develop such friendships such that they can re-enter the broader world armed with the tools that will help them endure burdensome features of the lives that await them in valutazione iniziale bitcoin world, including their lives as subordinated wives —burdens that Astell does not, in principle, challenge.

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