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The hazards we address include physical, chemical, and airborne particles. We have successfully validated in UK, with University of Manchester how Graphene can be used for textiles and a sustainability certification we will endorse clothes and accessories made with smart wool.

Rising importance of work wear btc fashion group international a way of showing professionalism in the governmental and manufacturing sectors is predicted to remain a key driving force in the PPE market.

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Circular Solution Suported by the C-Voucher Community and by our stakeholders, we have designed our circularity framework and we are on the process of implementing this model in our business Solution description: transparency and traceability for the circular economy The design of the platform was supervised by scientists that are focusing on the use of wool as raw material in sectors such as construction, pharma and the re-launch of the textile industry.

Products made from wool are used in construction in the form of mattress or rollers as heat or sound insulating materials.

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According to successful international programs for performing energy efficiency the materials used are organic-natural and the sheep wool is one of them, therefore an ideal solution for its capitalisation inside a circular bio economy is presented. The resumption btc fashion group international wool processing in textile industry entails high costs compared to its processing in the construction sector, politica bitcoin obtaining quality does not need great expense and it is not difficult goal to achieve.

The short-term and very short-term objective is the implementation of platform that connects the farms that provide raw materials with companies for washing, drying and treating sheep wool.

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The establishment of those capitalisation centers must pursue various aspects such as: type of wool packing bulk or balewater supply for washing, but also water outlet after treatment in the immediate vicinity of a watercourse.

As soon as the raw materials will enter the process of washing, carding, spinning, and manufacturing and then recycling, we will be able to use the sustainability certification for all members participating into the supply-chain. The blockchain platform implementation is at the stage when other parties join it for ideation, design and testing.

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The first objective was to create a strong consortium of entities, to set an industry standard for transparency in recycled content in Romania and to certify and promote the members. New members will become sustainable innovators in the textiles industry, having access to the latest information and resources, and getting an opportunity to co-create an industry-wide communication standard for the circular economy.

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Razvan Valceanu, General Manager Tailor Studio Key stakeholders in the Value Chain: Engaging in strategic and proactive dialogue with our key stakeholders will help deepen our insights into the drivers of our business and the needs of society worldwide, and thus to be ahead of the competition in adapting to changing demands.